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Mixson Bath and Racquet Club

Identity, Consumer

Mixson, a new community within the Park Circle neighborhood in North Charleston, South Carolina, hired Stitch Design to promote the upcoming opening of the Mixson Bath and Racquet Club, a new alternative to the traditional swim and social club. The first step was to invite a group of influential Charlestonians to become the founding members. Each of the newest members received a hand-delivered invitation to the club, complete with a printed towel and map to the property, all neatly packaged with a feathered shuttlecock. For the launch event, each new member received a custom printed canteen bag, complete with headband, wrist bands, summer reading Cliffs Notes, member handbook, whistle and glass water bottle. The team at Stitch went on to design and launch an informative yet playful club website, to keep members and potential members up to date on the construction process.

Amy Pastre, Courtney Rowson, designers; Stitch Design (Charleston, SC), design firm; Jamestown Properties (Jenni Strauss, project coordinator), client.