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Rights of Way: Mobility and the City exhibition

Exhibition Design, Education

Our urban environment is the result of constant negotiation among designers, policy-makers, the private sector and city dwellers themselves. Rights of Way: Mobility and the City, an exhibition at the Boston Society of Architects, is based on the idea that access to mobility is access to opportunity, and everyone has his or her own “right of way.” The show, which was curated by James Graham and Meredith Miller of MILLIGRAM-office and features exhibition graphics by MGMT. design, explores those public rights and examines large-scale urban futures, contemporary examples of innovative design for transit and public spaces, historical attempts to reinvent cities and individual adaptations of mobility systems. MGMT. design developed a visual system that reflects themes of interconnectivity and movement. The identity uses a running line as a graphic element that forms the typography and a series of unique transportation icons.

Federico Perez Villoro, designer; Sarah Gephart, MGMT. design (Brooklyn, NY), creative director; Meredith Miller, MILLIGRAM office, client.