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Mohawk Maker campaign

Publications, Business

When San Francisco-based Hybrid Design began working with Mohawk, the stalwart paper manufacturer was in need of a little soul-searching. In a progressively digital world, what is the relevance of paper and, by extension, a company that produces it? At Mohawk’s heart there has always been a maker spirit, and maker culture today is thriving despite (or perhaps in reaction to) the increasingly digital environment. It’s a culture that values details, quality, discovery and tactility—a natural cultural connection for Mohawk. To launch the Mohawk Maker campaign, Hybrid articulated the core values of Mohawk’s brand in a publication called A Declaration of Craft as well as a brand video. Following this up was a two-pronged approach that targeted both the creative and print communities: The Mohawk Maker Quarterly, designed to inspire the maker community and align with its values, and the Mohawk Craft Cooperative, created to reengage printers with their value as craftspeople.

Nina LaCour/Bryn Mooth/Evan Pricco, writers; Mike Andersen/Dora Drimalas/Caleb Kozlowski/Ryan Meis, designers; Caleb Kozlowski, design director; Dora Drimalas, creative director; Hybrid Design (San Francisco, CA), design firm; Mohawk, client.