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Monsters music video

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

ABBY is a new German indie band, and also the name of the lead character in the music video for their new song “Monsters.” Abby is an isolated girl who is submerged in the world of her own turmoil and paranoia, where the line between reality and nightmare is growing thinner and thinner. To create her story, Magnitude London assembled an international team of animators and 3-D artists, led by Paris-based director Pooya Abbasian. The haunting video, created in just ten weeks, was named a Vimeo staff pick and is currently being submitted to film festivals around the world.

Pooya Abbasian, director; Reza Dolatabadi/Fritzi Nicolaus, producers; ABBY, music producer; Magnitude (London, United Kingdom); production company; Universal Music Germany, client.