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The Mortgage posters

Posters, Consumer

Everyone’s first home-buying experience is unique, and to the buyer, the process is inevitably a larger-than-life drama. To show that Royal Bank of Canada understands what first-time homebuyers go through, Toronto agency Entrinsic created three parody movie trailers that depict the experience as a romantic comedy, a drama and a horror film. In each, a young couple wrestles with the emotional struggles and triumphs of buying their first home. The posters shown here appeared in newspapers and online to direct traffic to the films, which contain links throughout that help viewers locate an RBC mortgage specialist, calculate what kind of home they can afford or even get pre-approved for their mortgage on the spot.

Christina Pinto, art director; Kyle Carpenter, writer; Anthony Wolch, executive creative director; Christopher Wahl, photographer; Doug Koch, director of photography; Dave De Carlo, editor; Rooster Post, editorial company; Boombox Sound, music company; Jeremiah Chechik, director; Rob Allan, producer; Richard Cureton/Luc Frappier, executive producers; Revolver Films, production company; Entrinsic (Toronto, Canada), ad agency; RBC Bank, client.