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Motel 6 50th anniversary TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

The Richards Group and production company King and Country recently debuted “Metamorphosis,” an iconic 30-second commercial, as the centerpiece of a campaign celebrating Motel 6’s 50th anniversary.

The spot follows a family on a classic road trip—that spans 50 years. It opens with a shot of a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad cruising down a desert highway with suitcases on top, a family of four inside it and, over it all, Tom Bodett’s voice. While Bodett relates his thoughtful message, spot-on directing, casting, art direction, editing, animation and visual effects artistry bring family, gadgets and vehicles up-to-date, as the family closes in on its final destination—Motel 6. Tom Bodett’s voiceover concludes with “Fifty years, and the light's still on.” To quickly transition through five decades in just 30 seconds required a deft blend of visual effects, slick edits and camera trickery. With a focus on the fact that the world is changing, and not on the actual changes themselves, the spot came off with the campaign’s long-established simplicity, approachability and subtle humor.

Peter Everitt, The Richards Group/Jon Lorenz, King and Country, art directors; Chris Smith, The Richards Group, writer; Rick Gledhill/Mike Goubeaux/Gabriella Russo/Pietro Desopo/Tom Kenney/Greg Mitchell/Dan Hamilton, King and Country, designers; Chris Smith, The Richards Group/Peter Everitt, The Richards Group, creative group heads Rick Gledhill, King and Country, director; Jordan Valenti, King and Country, director of photography; Sheri Cartwright, The Richards Group, producer; Gary Kout, King and Country, line producer; Paul Winze, King and Country, post producer; Jerry Torgerson, King and Country, executive producer; Billy Maloney/Hugo Codinach/Jon Lorenz/Mike Johnson/Bryant Reif, King and Country, previsualization; Kyung Park/Mike Johnson/Andrew Cook/Billy Maloney/Andrew Parris/Chris Kelley/Greg Mitchell/Adam Swaab/Tim Salikov, King and Country, 3-D artists; Jon Lorenz/Rick Gledhill/Tom Kenney/Chris Kelley/Adam Swaab, King and Country, compositing artists; Andrew Maggio, King and Country, e