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National Peanut Board campaign

Print Ads, Consumer

Increasingly, consumers are buying nuts for health reasons. Although peanuts are every bit as healthy as their competitors, they haven’t been getting proper recognition for it. This new brand platform and campaign for the National Peanut Board by Georgia-based agency Lawler Ballard Van Durand is designed to show peanuts in a whole new light. The ads use natural, vibrant green peanut plants as a graphic backdrop, drawn by some of the world’s most renowned botanical illustrators using actual live plant specimens. Combined with rich photography and simple, informative text, the campaign aims to make people give peanuts the respect they deserve.

Gene Powers, art director/associate creative director; Steve Saari, writer/creative director; Tom Nikosey, typographer; Wendy Hollender/Donald Hyatt/ Rose Pellicano, illustrators; Chris Crisman, Photographer; Taiysa Kuzmenko, retoucher; Lawler Ballard Van Durand (Atlanta, GA), ad agency; The National Peanut Board, client.