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National Search Dog Foundation print ads

Print Ads, Public Service

The Search Dog Foundation rescues dogs, with intense energy and drive, from shelters around the country then trains and partners them with firefighters and other first responders to form an extraordinary animal/human bond to create highly-effective search teams. It is, however, a private organization, that depends on supporters around the country. Young & Rubicam New York created this  campaign to dramatize the crucial role played by the most highly trained search dogs, trained to find human beings, buried alive. The headline, “Sometimes human eyes aren’t enough” combined with a grid locator map conveys the concept beautifully.

headline: Patrick Conlon.......F11
headline: Maria McHugh.......G6
headline: Roy Torres.......D19

body copy (all three ads): Sometimes human eyes aren't enough. To donate please visit

Jason Nitti, art director; Neel Williams, writer; Guillermo Vega/Icaro Doria/Richard Butt, creative directors; Ian Reichenthal/Scott Vitrone, executive creative directors; Helen O'Neill, art buyer.

www.yr.comwww.searchdogfound ...