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Nature Conservancy iPad app

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Nature Conservancy magazine’s initial foray into publishing for the iPad was essentially an electronic replica of the print magazine—a common way to move from print to digital, but a limited one. “We knew there were better ways to leverage the tablet’s abilities to showcase the Conservancy’s work,” says Nature Conservancy Creative Director Christopher Johnson. An in-house team spent six months developing a new app that honors the print magazine but also takes full advantage of the tablet’s functionality. An added advantage of producing the app internally is that editors are able to work with app producers to identify digital opportunities at the earliest stages of story creation. “We have a deep well of powerful stories set in the most remote and amazing places on Earth,” Johnson says. “Our custom app for iPad brings readers into those stories in richer, more immersive ways.”

Christopher Johnson (Richmond, VA)/Katie Lesser, art directors; Jen Winger, senior managing editor; Nature Conservancy, client.