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Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer

TV/Radio Commercials, Entertainment

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a new video game that completely re-imagines the storied Wolfenstien first-person shooter franchise. The old Wolfenstein games were set in World War II; the new offering by Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames takes place in a bleak, dystopian 1960s-era Europe in which Nazis have won the war. To introduce the new vision, AKQA created a cinematic and stylish trailer that brings viewers through a sinister war factory to establish the dark alternate universe of the game.

The trailer is the first piece in an integrated campaign by AKQA for Bethesda Softworks. It collected over 2 million views and generated major buzz among gamers eagerly awaiting The New Order's release late this year.

Production Company Psyop, animation; Music Licensing Brandracket/COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound, music companies; Defacto Sound, sound design; AKQA (Washington, DC), ad agency; Bethesda Softworks, client.