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New York City Beaches signage

Environmental Graphics, Public Service

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York in October 2012, the city’s fourteen miles of beaches bore the brunt of the storm’s fury. As part of a major restoration to reopen the parks in time for the 2013 summer season, Pentagram’s Paula Scher created a program of environmental graphics that helped welcome New Yorkers back to their beaches. Scher wanted the signage to capture the charm and the romance of the beach, and the new signs each feature a photograph taken at the exact spot where the sign is located, helping to remind residents and visitors that the beauty of the beaches remains. The signs are accompanied by highly visible markers that have been affixed to the stanchions of the destroyed boardwalks, now repurposed as supports for a seawall. The designers also created supergraphics for structures that contain comfort stations, lifeguard stations and other facilities.

Paula Scher, art director; Courtney Gooch/Rafael Medina/Paula Scher/Lingxiao Tan, designers; Pentagram (New York, NY), design firm; New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, client.