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New York Lottery campaign

Print Ads, Consumer

DDB New York recently launched the “Yeah, that kind of rich.” campaign for the New York Lottery’s Powerball game. Featuring the copy “The starting jackpots are doubled, the possibilities are endless,” the campaign raises awareness about the recent changes made to the game. It also captures the emotional appeal of over-the-top luxury for unsuspecting people and portrays humbled winners who stay true to who they are—even after capitalizing on their winnings. Paying homage to past Lottery campaigns, that inspire fantasizing about winning it big, it’s a humorous look at the decadent life someone might live after hitting the jackpot. The campaign also features radio, online advertising and  three TV spots (“Music,” “Driveway” and “Garage”).

Tony Bartolucci, art director; Colin Lapin, writer; Mike Sullivan, creative director; Richard Sharp, group creative director; Matt Eastwood, chief creative officer; Brad Harris, photographer Steve Miller, Radical Media, director; Maya Brewster/Walter Brindak/Gregg Carlesimo, executive producers; Carla Tate, Radical Media/Vann Friesen, Zephyr Photo Productions, production company producers; Radical Media/Zephyr Photo Productions, production company.