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NIKE Training Club app

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AKQA created this customizable training program as part of a global get fit revolution, that empowers girls to be in control of their bodies and lives. Inspired by world-class athletes and developed by a NIKE pro trainer, it builds on the fundamentals of strength, cardio and core training. Filled with over 90 drill combinations, across more than 60 workouts, it encourages girls to get lean and strong with the most effective, efficient workout possible and provides encouragement when it’s needed—all fueled by workout music from personal libraries overlaid with instructional and motivational messages. Girls can share their workouts and status on Facebook and can change the intensity of their workouts by adding or removing weights, increasing or decreasing reps or by changing the workout.

Masaya Nakade, art director; Nick Bastian, designer; Melissa Reitano, writer; Jonathan Hum, planner; Laura Hobson, media planner; Razorfish US, media agency; Dorinda Ross, Global Brand Digital Lead Women's Training, Nike, client. ...