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Nokia Living Moments film

Online Ads, Consumer

Nokia Brand Labs came to New York-based filmmaker Paul Trillo with an unusual idea—using 50 individual Lumia 1020 camera phones to create a “bullet time” effect by capturing the same moment across all the cameras. Trillo had a better idea: He suggested taking advantage of the mobility of the smartphone cameras by taking the bullet-time concept out of the studio and into the streets of the city. “I was less interested in doing something big and staged and more interested in quiet, intimate portraits,” Trillo says. The phones were small and light enough to move the 50-camera setup to various locations. Trillo worked with producer Brian Streem and AFOG Productions to create a compact, arched camera array rig and a custom app capable of triggering a photograph across multiple devices. The resulting film sweeps in a circular motion through everyday city scenes. “New York is filled with interesting, bizarre and unique people and moments,” Trillo says. “If you open yourself up to all that potential you’ll meet some amazing people.”

Paul Trillo (Brooklyn, NY), director; Brian Streem, producer; AFOG Productions, production company; Costas Syrmos Nokia Brand Labs, client.