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Object magazine, issue 63

Apps, Business

Object magazine 63 was the fourth app-based version of this arts and industry magazine for the Object Australian Design Centre. As apps have developed, exploration of the potential within the content has driven the apps’ interaction and visual design. The development was a collaborative process, with Object and Canvas Group working together to realize the possibilities and best ways forward with the ideas put on the table. ‘Blowing’ the dust off the "Swept Away" review, for example, built on an initial idea from Object, with Canvas Group pushing the idea even further, to its improbable conclusion. Also, with a focus on bio-inspiration, the contents page drew on the idea of interacting cellular objects, attracted to each other to forge connections between related stories. "The response has been fantastic, with an FWA recognition, a Pixel Award and other nominations," said Object's digital programs producer, Ross Colebatch. "Traditional publishing in a digital environment is definitely an underexplored area, and one that we are keen to explore further."

Ross Colebatch, digital programs producer; Canvas Group, app design & development.