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OFFF St. Petersburg main titles

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

Inspired by Russia's rich history of storytelling, the main titles for OFFF St. Petersburg's post-digital culture festival are titled "Skazka," which roughly translates to "that which is told" in Russian. The story follows star-crossed lovers who build their world with motion, only to have it torn apart. Portions of the sequence were built on data captured from an originally choreographed piece performed by two dancers. The team at the New York Institute of Technology recreated their movements using motion capture. Although the piece was built from sophisticated digital tools, analog processes inspired the aesthetic. The typography for the titles is all hand painted and then rebuilt in 3-D. The textures and colors are all ink, photographed and then manipulated in digital space. "Skazka" is where digital and analog commingle.

Christopher Palazzo, art director/type director; Viraj Ajmeri/Christopher Palazzo/Gabriel Pulecio/Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, designers; Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, lead designer; Rama Allen, creative director; Mill+, design; Charlotte Carr, editor; Adam Carboni, director of photography; Leonides Arpon/Ayo Jackson, artists; Matthew Cornelius, NYIT, contributing artist; Viraj Ajmeri/Lloyd Alvarez/Justin Bakies/York Capistrano/Anthony Dodero/Christopher Palazzo/Gabriel Pulecio/Dave Rogers/Yossanun Sangpattharamatee/Ashley Tyas, animators; Navdeep Singh, The Mill, 3-D animator; Michael Rossiter, Colorist, digital imaging; Darkness Falls, music; Fall on Your Sword, sound design; Andreas Berner, technology director; Jason Bartnett/Georgina Castle/Tia Perkins, producers; Danielle Amaral, executive producer; OFFF St. Petersburg, client.