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Old Chicago Restaurant rebrand

Identity, Consumer

When it first opened in 1976, casual-dining restaurant chain Old Chicago was one of the first to offer a fresh selection of pizza, pasta and 110 beers from around the world. While the concept was innovative 30 years ago, it’s now somewhat predictable. With 96 locations in 22 states, the chain needed to reinvent its brand. In stepped PUSH. The design studio created an entire brand language and hierarchy that included brand positioning to represent Old Chicago’s future. Starting with a new logo, and descriptor (a transition from “Old Chicago 110 Brews, Pasta & Pizza” to “Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom”) the project included new interior and exterior designs, new graphics, new food and beer menus, new employee uniforms, an interactive, digital beer menu, new HR management guides and an updated internal communications plan.

Kevin Taylor, art director; Kevin Harrell/Gordon Weller, writers; Mark Unger, design director; Ron Boucher, creative director; Chris Robb, chief creative officer; Scott Striecher/John Ludwig, brand strategists; Laura Dagner/Lynn Whitney-Smith, producers; Joe Ciaramella/Jordan Damato, production artists.