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Penguin Horror cover illustration

Illustration, Entertainment

Forget gory special effects—there’s nothing creepier than a good scary story. Penguin Classics has released a six-volume series of some of the all-time greats, curated by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (a guy who knows his horror stories). Penguin art director Paul Buckley created original cover art for the the special-edition hardcovers, which are printed with neon inks and ominous black-stained page edges. Buckley designed and illustrated the covers to hone in on the elements of each book that give us the kind of chills we got when reading spooky stories as kids, but with a modern twist. del Toro, a lifetime fan of horror literature, edited the series and wrote the introduction.

Paul Buckley (New York, NY), art director/designer /illustrator; Penguin Classics, client.