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Penstripe identity

Identity, Consumer

Until recently, the United Kingdom’s finest bespoke academic planners were produced by an outfit called the Leeds Booklet Printing Company. Now, thanks to a thorough rebranding process by Taxi Studio, the same quality planners are made under the far more approachable (and less stuffy) name Penstripe. The name is just part of an entirely new identity system that riffs on the idea of the classic British pinstripe suit. The new logo blends traditional typography with a progressive pinstripe, while the overall identity is based on a series of striking line drawings that speak to the order and smartness of both the product range and the company culture.

Taxi’s involvement encompassed all aspects of the rebranding process, including DNA workshops, strategic positioning, customer research, design, artwork and roll-out. “This was a project that captured all of our imaginations,” says Taxi’s creative director Ryan Wills. “We strove to create a brand that was perfectly tailored to the client's personality.” Darren Anderson, managing director at Penstripe, says the fit is perfect. “We set Taxi the challenge of creating a new brand that had the potential to stretch into new sectors and give us a credible digital presence,” Anderson says. “Our new strapline, ‘Think Smart Achieve More,’ has rallied the whole company. We couldn't be happier.”

Luke Francis, designer; Pete Hawkins, senior designer; Olly Guise, design director; Ryan Wills, creative director; Yehrin Tong, illustrator; Taxi Studio Ltd (Bristol, United Kingdom), design firm; Penstripe, client.