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Petcurean GO! packaging

Packaging, Consumer

Petcurean’s flagship line, is a nutrient-rich and energy-packed food. Available in various formulations, each with unique benefits (recipes for dietary sensitivities, whole-grain and grain-free recipes and recipes for various life-stages), GO! is a true fitness food for everyday pets. Vancouver, Canada-based Subplot Design Inc. designed packaging that trumpets the company’s “created to put more life into your pet” product positioning and brought it to life with shots of pets who eat GO! recipes, metallic foil, strong formula identification, iconography, callouts for each recipe’s ingredients and benefits, and heart-warming testimonials of health and revitalization.

Pete Pallet, writer; Matthew Clark, designer; Matthew Clark/Roy White, creative directors; David Ellingsen, photographer; Matthew Clark/Liz Wurzinger, illustrators; Jaimie Turkington, Petcurean, client.