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Piknic Électronique Posters

Posters, Entertainment

For the twelfth edition of Montréal’s Piknic Electronik music festival, design firm Écorce developed a promotional campaign that included the event’s official slogan, poster, website, newsletter and mobile app. The visual concept was to simply focus on the festival’s core elements: picnics and electronic music. This idea translated to images of picnic staples like fruits and hot dogs parading through the festival, all marching to the same beat. The campaign’s slogan is “Dimanche Punché” (“Punch Up Your Sunday”), a summery play on words to entice Montréalers to sample some refreshing electro-tropical punch.

Julie Poulin, art director; Karl-Frédéric Anctil, creative director; Maxime Brunelle/Julie Poulin, graphic designers; Claudine St-Pierre, project director; Rafik Andraos/Morgane Lefebvre, production designers; Écorce (Montréal, Québec, Canada), design firm; Piknic Électronik, client.