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Platform event identity

Environmental Graphics, Public Service

Platform is a new nonprofit organization that works to increase the participation of under-represented groups in technology and entrepreneurship, with particular focus on African-Americans, Latinos and women. Pentagram’s Eddie Opara and his team created Platform’s identity, website and environmental graphics using the techy, futuristic font ThreeSix 11 (designed by MuirMcNeil). The logotype extends into a distinctive line that can be customized with a range of transformations that reflect the dynamism of the organization and its initiatives. For the Platform Summit, the group’s conference at the MIT Media Lab, the line was animated in motion graphics shown during the presentations and also used in environmental graphics as a directional tool. The structure of ThreeSix 11 inspired a system of playful icons for conference collateral and signage. The materials were produced in simple black and white, though the identity for Platform as a whole incorporates bold colors. The website in particular makes extensive use of color, and echoes the segmented forms of the logo in a modular format that places content in blocks.

Eddie Opara, art director; Ken Deegan/Pedro Mendes/Eddie Opara, designers; Liz Linder, photographer; Mark Lindsay/Chan Young Park, interactive developers; Kadan Productions, fabricator; Pentagram Design (New York, NY), design firm; Platform, client.