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Playing Arts illustrated playing cards

Illustration, Entertainment

These might be the most beautiful cards you’ll ever arrange into a Royal Flush. Design website Digital Abstracts invited 54 of the best designers, painters and illustrators from around the world to show their stuff, each on one individual playing card. It’s a unique canvas, and combined, the cards form a stunning exhibition of different styles and techniques. The deck features original work by David Mack, Conrad Roset, James White, agnes-cecile, Joshua Davis, Sara Blake and many more.

Vlad Korzinin, art director; Mattias Adolfsson/agnes-cecile/Chuck Anderson/Sara Blake/Yulia Brodskaya/Valerie Ann Chua/Joshua Davis/Mercedes deBellard/Jordan Debney/Gary Fernández/Mike Friedrich/Carne Griffiths/Ruben Ireland/Felix LaFlamme/Carlos Lerma/Iain Macarthur/David Mack/Javier Medellin Puyou/Matt W. Moore/Mr. Kone/Musketon/Muxxi/Newfren/Seb Niark1/Peter Olschinsky/Pirecco/Andreas Preis/Anton Repponen/Conrad Roset/Saturno/Tobias van Schneider/Serial Cut™/Steve Simpson/Raul Urias/Fernando Volken Togni/Teagan White/James White/Tang Yau Hoong, artists; Digital Abstract (Barcelona, Spain), creative direction; Workfilms, design firm.