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Point after Point wine bottles

Packaging, Business

Empyreal 75 is an all-natural, highly digestible protein concentrate developed for pet food manufacturers by food company Cargill. So what does that have to do with red wine? Ad agency Bailey Lauerman designed Point after Point wine bottles to be given to targeted customers at the annual Pet Food Forum Tradeshow. The design is based on the idea that connecting the dots about Empyreal 75’s benefits will give a clear picture of its value to a customer’s business. Once they understand that value, there’s reason to celebrate—with a nice glass of wine.

Cliff Watson, writer; Brandon Oltman, designer; Ron Sack, creative director; Greg Paprocki, illustrator; Gayle Adams, production designer; Jennifer Kros-Dorfmeyer, project manager; Bailey Lauerman (Omaha, NE), ad agency; Cargill, client.