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Ponysaurus beer identity

Identity, Consumer

The brand identity for the new Ponysaurus Brewing Co. was designed to support the company’s position as traditional beer craftsmen and add an unceremonious, light-hearted attitude. Just as the name Ponysaurus suggests a fusion of unlike parts, the identity combines the meticulously etched illustration style of nineteenth-century zoological artwork and an entirely silly-looking creature with equine hindquarters, a dinosaur head and stunted little arms. The packaging includes distinctive paper wrapping (which also helps prevent spoilage due to light exposure) and a Ponysaurus-branded bottle tape that recalls the revenue tape seen on spirits bottles. Whimsical collateral materials include letterpress-printed Ponysaurus business cards that double as bar coasters and a menagerie of little Ponysauruses (or is it Ponysauri?), hand-fashioned from toy dinosaurs and horses that have been spray-painted gold, for salesmen’s giveaways and leave-behinds.

Kellyn McGarity, art director; David Baldwin/Bob Ranew, creative directors; Baldwin& (Raleigh, NC), ad agency; Ponysaurus Brewing Co., client.