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PopTech "Toward Resilience" opening sequence

Motion Graphics, Self-Promotion

Marking its fourth collaboration with PopTech, the annual gathering of world-changers, Trollbäck + Company created the conference’s opening sequence around the theme “Toward Resilience.” The event took place the last week of June in Reykjavik, Iceland; inspired by the power of the Icelandic nature, T+Co’s interpretation of the theme plays with the juxtaposition of opposing forces, such as creation and destruction, light and darkness, smoothness and sharpness. Using a frequency of lines, it explores how they define form. The team developed a shader in Maya that maps luminance to 3-D objects and creates corresponding lines in reaction to light; the challenge was finding the balance between being too reductive and abstract and too literal.

Peter Alfano, art director; Kelli Miller, designer; Justin Zurrow, technical director; Jakob Trollbäck, executive creative director; Peter Alfano/ Justin Zurrow, 3-D animators; Whitney Green, producer; Michael Montes, composer.