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WD-40 print ads

Consumer, Print Ads

WD-40 does one thing: Just about everything. It penetrates rust, removes adhesives and protects tools, yet many people still only associate it with eliminating squeaks. To counter that, O’Leary and Partners (Newport Beach, California) created this campaign, targeted at car guys, that focuses on all the ways WD-40 can make their jobs easier and infused it with a healthy dose of “shop-talk” attitude. Shot by Tim Tadder, who photographed real mechanics (whose primary jobs aren’t standing in front of cameras and looking pretty) in real garages and repair shops, the campaign is a perfect reflection of WD-40’s no-frills, get-it-done work ethic.

Josh Zipper, art director; Matt McNelis, senior writer; Eric Spiegler/Deidre McQuaide, executive creative directors; Tim Tadder, photographer.