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PSA for New Mexico Dept. of Transportation

TV/Radio Commercials, Public Service

This 30-second PSA gives drivers a scholarly education on the benefits of wearing a seatbelt. Produced for the New Mexico Department of Transportation, ad agency VWK and visual effects company Brigade animated the thoughts of a physics professor as if his mind space were a chalkboard. After drawing a series of swirling equations, the professor delivers this punchline in front of a classroom: "It's quite simple, actually: avoid death or injury, a ticket from the police and two points on your license by always wearing your seatbelt." Brigade finished the sharp compositing and particle effects, from concept to completed product, in two weeks. They aimed to start saving lives as soon as possible.

Nick Tauro, writer; Sean Broughton, creative director; Richard Kuhn, chief creative director; Tobias Mehler, video director; The Rogue Unit, New York, digital video producer; Mark Rubbo, animator; John Zay Maschio, composer; Speed of Life, New York, music; Brent Morris, producer; Dave Dimeloa/Akash Khokha, executive producers; VWK, Albuquerque, NM, ad agency; The Brigade, New York, visual effects company.