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Qatar TV on-air identity

Identity, Entertainment

Creative production company Shilo and director Jose Gomez took on the challenge of creating this stunning on-air identity for Arab network Qatar TV. Shilo traveled to Doha, Qatar, to learn more about the culture and people and capture original HD content—nine 15-second “bumpers”—for the titles. “We were asked to make each promo a metaphor for different aspirational subjects, such as education, business, environment and family,” Gomez explains. “The main creative challenge was to render these stories in simple ways that didn’t require further explanation or language. We focused on conveying a feeling and tone for each subject that are abstract and metaphorical, but still understandable.”

Jose Gomez, director; Josh Childers/Stephanie Corda/Eun-Sun Kim/Asavari Kumar/My Tran/Angela Zhu, designers; David Clayton, lead designer; Tom Green/Obeida Sidani, creative directors; Carston Becker, editor; Michael Brierley, photographer; Austin Blasingame/James Camaco/Billy Kwok/Tim Matney/David Mellon/Tim Unger, artists; Fabio Bautista, 3-D designer; Erik Anderson/David Andrade/John Bloch/Kiel Figgins/Matt Johnson/Yas Koyama/Cody Smith/Bren Wilson, 3-D animators; Jake Blackstone, Flame artist; Roger Lima, White Noise Lab, composer; Mofeed Abu Algebeen/Alana Blasingame/Brad Herbst/Hilary Wright, producers; Elda Khanamirian, agency producer; Arthur Portnoy, executive producer; Les Folies, ad agency; Shilo (San Diego, CA and New York, NY), production company; Mofeed Abu Algebeen, FilmWorks Dubai, client.