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Raid spot for the Canadian Real Estate Association

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

First-time home buyers and sellers are often unaware of the many problems and pitfalls that can arise if they don’t use a licensed realtor. This commercial, created by Toronto-based ad agency UNION for the Canadian Real Estate Association, reminds Canadian home buyers of the unintended consequences of saving a few dollars by skipping the realtor when buying a house. A SWAT team storms a house expecting to find a notorious cartel’s shipment. Instead they find the Lewises, the couple who just unwittingly purchased a home with a dark criminal history.

Glen D’Souza, art director; Mike Takasaki, writer; Glen D’Souza/Mike Takasaki, associate creative directors; Lance Martin, executive creative director; John Houtman, director of photography; John Evans, editor; Panic & Bob, editorial company; Keen Music, music company; Benjamin Weinstein, director; Sam Benson, broadcast producer; Matt Maclennan, Steam Films/Samantha McLaren, Panic & Bob, executive producers; Steam Films, production company; Notch/The Vanity, post-production companies; UNION (Toronto, Canada), ad agency; Canadian Real Estate Association, client.