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RainCity Housing bench ads

Out-of-Home Ads, Public Service

RainCity Housing is a nonprofit in Vancouver, Canada that provides specialized housing and support services for the homeless. RainCity was looking for a way to highlight the importance of their work without reenforcing the derelict image many people associate with homelessness. Spring Advertising used city benches to broaden Vancouverites’ perspective on homelessness, making them pause and absorb the harsh realities faced by people with nowhere to sleep.

Spring created two types of benches. One transforms into a temporary shelter, and when the roof is up, the ad reveals RainCity Housing’s address and the message, “Find a home here.” Another bench was printed with UV ink that becomes legible when struck by daylight but vanishes in the dark, while glow-in-the-dark ink, invisible during the day, illuminates at night to convey a simple, poignant message.

Jeremy Grice, art director/designer; Ben Hudson/Rob Schlyecher, writers; Rob Schlyecher, creative director; Stace Barton, production designer; Spring Advertising (Vancouver, Canada), ad agency; RainCity Housing and Support Society, client.