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"The F-Word: Famine Is The Real Obscenity" TV spot

Online Ads, Public Service

Wondros Los Angeles director Jesse Dylan gives a verbal middle finger to famine in this star-studded 60-second PSA for ONE. The PSA features an endless group of stars (including George Clooney, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Arianna Huffington, ONE’s co-founder Bono) imploring the public to sign a petition calling on world leaders to end famine in Africa. Accused of putting forth a political agenda, breaching the UK’s 2003 Communications Act, the PSA was banned on British television. The spot opens with an explosive guitar cord and Clive Owen saying, “F%#k” with his mouth and words covered by a black censorship strip and beep; it concludes with Mike Huckabee announcing, “Let’s put a f%#ing end to famine” and the super, “We’re not asking for your money. We’re asking for your voice.”

Roxane Philson, ONE, global creative director; Kathy McKiernan, ONE, global strategic communications director; Jeff Davidoff, ONE, chief marketing officer; Jesse Dylan, Wondros, director; Priscilla Cohen, Wondros/Patrick McGovern, Wondros, executive producers; Leslie Owen, Wondros, producer; Janine Carscuolo, Wondros, post producer; Al Kamalizad, Wondros/Benjamin Sax, Wondros, editors; Charles van der Poel, Wondros/Benjamin Sax, Wondros, VFX/graphics; Bern Caughey, Wondros, director of lighting.