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Red Bull “Perspective” skate film

TV/Radio Commercials, Entertainment

In this short film produced by Red Bull Media House, the creative team was tasked with crafting a skateboard piece that gives audiences a view “through-the-eyes” of four of the best skateboarders in the world. Skateboarding is traditionally best captured in quick edits through fisheye lenses, posing a challenge for the team, who on this project had to spend equal time on story points along with the action sequences shot with a wide aspect ratio. The result was a deeper look into what made these athletes icons in the skateboarding world, and what motivates and pushes them to become better and achieve more as a team within an individual’s sport.

Nicholas Schrunk, director; Andy Carlson, producer; Marc Ritzema, director of photography; Charlie Rosene/Scott Bradfield/Josh Kendrick/Tom Curran, executive producers; Emad Hashim, editor; Red Bull Media House, production company; Ryan Young/Ricki Bedenbaugh/Russell Houghten, camera operators; Courtland Urbano, music composer; Ryan Rees, audio engineer; Sean Coleman, colorist; Red Bull Media House (Santa Monica, CA), production company.