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Red Cross New Zealand

TV/Radio Commercials, Public Service

To create a fresh, dramatic commercial for the Red Cross, directing duo Holbrooks teamed up with Y&R New Zealand and Flying Fish to create Parcel, a 30-second animated spot that follows an aid package as it travels to its destination. The team mixed cell animation with 3-D camerawork to give the dramatic narrative a sense of hand-crafted warmth. “The idea of this Red Cross parcel being pushed through all sorts of dangerous situations, touching people in need as it went, felt like a perfect fit for their ethos,” said Tom Brown of Holbrooks. “It was very much a labor of love for us.”

Josh Moore, executive creative director; Scott Henderson, creative director; Mark Tallis, art director; Cameron Dowsett, writer; Christina Hazard, agency head of production; Jason Wells, creative planner; James Moore, Flying Fish/Adina Sales, Blacklist, executive producers; Alex Unick/Patrick Gantert, Blacklist, producers; Holbrooks, directors; Dan Gray/Tom Brown/Marika Cowan/Angelica Alzona, designers; Dan Gray/Tom Brown/Song E. Kim/Marika Cowan/Angelica Alzona/Alan Foreman, animation; Tom Brown/Andrew Zimbelman, compositing; Antfood (Brooklyn, NY), music and sound design; Flying Fish (Auckland, New Zealand)/Blacklist (New York, NY), production companies; Y&R New Zealand, ad agency; Ross Cameron, Red Cross New Zealand/Alice Montague, Red Cross New Zealand, clients.