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The Red Road opening titles

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

The SundanceTV original series The Red Road debuted in February with a main title sequence by creative studio Leviathan. Series writer Aaron Guzikowski introduced Leviathan’s creative team to the show’s main themes—uncovering and exploring secrets and the inability to control nature. “As we understand it, the ‘red road’ is a pathway to truth, peace and harmony,” says Leviathan’s Jason White. “After several creative explorations, we developed a few style frames with a mysterious, growing red line that signifies a spiritual journey through landscapes and emotional spaces, as we perceived it from the point of view of the Native tribe depicted in the series.” The use of the simple red line allowed Leviathan to explore dualities of meaning, with images that can appear both good and bad. “They had a deep understanding of our artistic vision,” says Guzikowski, “and executed it with precision and originality.”

Bradon Webb, creative director; Jason White, executive creative director; Sara Ridky, designer; Matt Daly, technology director; Ely Byer/Anthony Malagutti/Katrina Nelken/Kyle Shoup, animators; Ellen Schopler, producer; Bridget Carpenter, The Red Road/Sarah Condon, The Red Road/Chad Hutson, executive producers; Sean Varga, The Red Road, post-production supervisor; Aaron Guzikowski, The Red Road/Leviathan (Chicago, IL), production companies; SundanceTV, client.