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15 Renwick posters

Photography, Consumer

Instead of featuring predictable amenities such as a gym or cliché phrases such as "redefining luxury," the developers of the forthcoming 15 Renwick Street property in New York City spotlighted the characters of 15 Renwick. Shot by portrait photographer Henry Leutwyler, these personas are inspired by the Hudson Square neighborhood's culture, design and history. Renwick, an understated, single-block street, is characterized by its history as a haven for creative professionals. The campaign's imagery integrates the historical, Victorian era of the Renwick legacy with the creative persona of today's Hudson Square resident. The provocative images include a shirtless boxer sporting contemporary tattoos and an aristocratic-styled woman with modern-day nail art. The characters are featured as standalone images that will be included in the advertising, website and on-site display. This marks a bold move for condos that will list in the millions of dollars.

Henry Leutwyler, photographer; IF Studio (New York, NY), design firm; 15 Renwick, client.