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Rethink Butts PSA

TV/Radio Commercials, Public Service

Cigarette butts are loaded with chemicals. When they are tossed onto the sidewalk or the grass, those chemicals seep into the ground, contaminating water and poisoning wildlife. This PSA for Legacy and Leave No Trace aims to forever alter the perception of butts as mere litter, and replace it with a vision of toxic waste. The ad opens with a close-up of an oozing superfund site, but allows us to comfortably assume that it’s nowhere nearby. But a zoom-out reveals that this environmental disaster is right under our feet. The spot launched with a New York Times article and drove a lively online conversation about the best way to dispose of butts.

Marty Butler, art director; Adam Butler/Ronny Northrop, writers; Marty Butler/Adam Butler/David Chontos, creative directors; Jacob Carter/Lilit Hayrapetyan, designers; Stephen Delalla/Jonathan Iwata, lighting designers; Victor Garza/Jonathan Iwata, animators; Danka Chiang/Stephen Delalla/Kevin Manning/Brianne Meyer, 3-D modeling; Kim Stevenson, Flame artist; Travis Wurges, online editor; Melissa Exelberth, voice talent; Eric Ryan, sound designer; ESR Studios, sound design; Jason Mortimer/Andrew Park, visual effects artists; Minh Ly, producer; Tim Willison, agency producer; Luisa Murray, executive producer; Psyop, production company; The Butler Bros (Austin, TX), ad agency; Legacy, client.