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Richard Sachs Bicycles graphics

Identity, Entertainment

Richard Sachs is a one-man industrial revolution who embodies all that is right in the world of bicycle-building. By sticking to his roots while remaining continuously engaged with the cycling world, Sachs resists the pressure of the business, yet improves the business at the same time. So what do Sachs, his bicycles and his cyclocross team have to do with fonts and design? Everything, according to type foundry House Industries.

Working with painter Joe Bell and decal expert Gary Prange, House Industries created color mixes and frame graphics that reflect the elegant simplicity of Sachs’s bicycles and his approach to his business. To accommodate a variety of frame sizes and components, the new designs, including a refined version of Sachs’s signature, are consistent yet flexible, carefully balanced to stand alongside bicycle hardware. And just as it takes a long time to create a Richard Sachs bicycle, the partnership with House Industries will continue to be built and refined well into the future. The two companies will work together as Sachs’s bicycle-building business and cyclocross team evolve, and all new Richard Sachs frames will feature a House Industries logo decal.

Andy Cruz, art director; Ken Barber/Bondé Prang, designers; House Industries (Yorklyn, DE), typography/design firm; Richard Sachs, client.