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Rock the Vote "Texting" spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Public Service

Los Angeles-based director Jesse Dylan inspired young viewers to participate in the November elections with a star-studded series of 30-second PSAs for Rock The Vote’s “Vote Fearlessly” campaign. Featuring candid dialogues about voter participation with celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, Kate Walsh, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, David Banner, Casey Affleck, Dane Cook and Wayne Brady, the campaign encourages youths to shape their futures and make their voices heard through the power of their ballots. The PSAs, which aired nationally, online and in select local markets, are marked by a casual-but-intimate look depicting talent interviewed against neutral backgrounds and utilizing motion graphics, split screens and visual effects to underscore key messaging points. “Texting” features celebrities on their smartphones as superimposed graphics simulating text messaging erase words such as Apathy, Prejudice and Hate. Each PSA ends in a tail slate repeating the tagline “Vote Fearlessly” with the call to action, “Rock The Vote Nov 2.”

John Di Minico, creative director; Jesse Dylan, director; Paul Ryan, director of photography; Bern Caughey, director of lighting; Adam Feil, first art director; Billy Alarcon, second art director; Dylan Osborn/Justin Giugno/Amy Cargill, editors; Dale Gold, digital imaging technician; Seth Gilbert, sound mixer; Talib Kweli, "More or Less," music; Matt Benson, producer; Priscilla Cohen, executive producer; Marielle Noble, assistant to the director; Grace Song, production coordinator; Aja Rumann, production assistant; Spencer Gilbert, key production assistant; Janine Crusicuolo, post production supervisor; Alma Ha’rel/Sheldon Candis, camera operators; Ken Beauchene, boom operator; Angelina Cheng, hair & make-up; Heather Smith/Chrissy Faessen/Kelly Fogel, clients.