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RUNA energy drink packaging

Packaging, Consumer

Guayusa, an Amazonian tree leaf with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and twice the antioxidants of green tea, was originally packaged and sold as boxed tea. Although a hit with tea enthusiasts and adventurous foodies, mainstream audiences remained largely unaware of RUNA’s first product launch. When the company founders wanted to broaden their consumer base, they partnered with Mucca Design.

Mucca reinvented the brand, for an already-saturated ready-to-drink marketplace, by pinpointing the strengths and benefits that set it apart—its organic ingredients, coffee-caliber caffeine level and smooth taste. Inspired by every bottle’s reserve of “focused energy” the creative team positioned RUNA as a new kind of energy drink and created a visual vocabulary that conveys the term in a refreshing and organic way.

Andrea Brown/Courtney Heffernan/Melissa Chang/Erica Heitman-Ford, designers; Matteo Bologna, creative director; Roberta Ronsivalle, strategist; Courtney Heffernan, illustrator.