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Schlage Locks campaign

Online Ads, Consumer

Schlage Locks partnered with Young & Laramore to introduce its new touchscreen deadbolt with a tongue-in-cheek campaign stressing the importance of a strong lock and a new tagline, “Schlage: Strong Has a Name.”

A TV spot called Ex-Girlfriend shows a man at a home-improvement store, contemplating which lock to buy. The ad flashes back to the man’s ugly breakup with an angry, possessive girlfriend. When he snaps back to reality, he decides to go with the Schlage lock.

The commercial is accompanied by social media content that uses similar deadpan humor, presenting eleven scenarios that highlight how strong Schlage locks are, ranging from “So strong, they’ve never lost a staring contest” to “So strong, they’ve never given in and bought a minivan.” Y&L created a custom Tumblr page to house all the content and videos and highlight an assortment of unusual strong things.

Bryan Judkins, creative director; Scott King, writer; Zac Neulieb, art director; Carolyn Hadlock, executive creative director; Tom Denari/ Brad Bobenmoyer, strategy; Tool of North America, production company; Sean Ehringer/JD Walsh, directors; Jim Denault/Julie Kirkwood, directors of photography; Adam Parker, Cutters LA, editor; Amy Jo Deguzis, agency producer; Young & Laramore (Indianapolis, IN), ad agency; Schlage, client.