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Schlage "Recommendation" TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Consumer

Indianapolis-based Young & Laramore recently launched a new integrated campaign that includes broadcast, digital, experiential and social, for its client Schlage. The television campaign launched with this spot featuring a smooth-talking pitchman recommending Schlage locks. He lures viewers in with run-of-the-mill commentary that quickly takes an unexpected turn. The campaign began airing on cable networks in June.

Uriaha Foust, Y&L, senior art director; Scott King, Y&L, senior writer; Bryan Judkins, Y&L, creative director; Carolyn Hadlock, Y&L, executive creative director; Luke Meyer, Y&L, creative technologist; Matt & Oz, Caviar, director; David Jones, Caviar, director of photography; Amy Jo Deguzis, Y&L, agency producer; Onye Anyanwu, Caviar, producer; Michael Sagol, Caviar/Jasper Thomlinson, Caviar, executive producers; Rene Vas, Caviar, production designer; Butcher, editorial company; Tom Denari, Y&L, agency president; Adrienne Bailey, Y&L, PR/brand action strategist; Brad Bobenmoyer, Y&L, account director; Lucia Bayt, Y&L, account manager; Shannon Quinn, Y&L/Meagan Suttile, Y&L, media supervisors.