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Scrabble "Letters and People"

Print Ads, Consumer

Pereira & O’Dell’s new Scrabble print ads extends the “Letters and People” global campaign that assigns personality characteristics to Scrabble tiles. In each print ad, the Scrabble character is looking for the next letter in succession that would create the obvious word. The letter is missing from the tile rack at the bottom right. Just as the TV spots feature Scrabble characters that struggle with their worth as part of words, this campaign portrays this visually. Though you don't have 30 or 60 seconds of story there, you can still imagine the narrative in your head as your eyes dart around the ad to connect the pieces. And as you do that, you are already playing the game, even if you don't realize it. "M for Mistake is our favorite—we think it resonates the most," says Molly Parsley of Pereira & O’Dell. "They are all visually striking, and we love the personalization of the tiles and the continuation of the campaign in print."

Mattel, client; Nick Karamanos, VP, games marketing; Elizabeth Grampp, global marketing director: Rebecca Cottrell, senior marketing manager; David Schwartz, marketing manager; Blake Knight, associate marketing manager.

Pereira & O’Dell, agency; PJ Pereira, chief creative officer; Jaime Robinson, executive creative director; Aricio Fortes/Paulo Coelho, creative directors; Keli Linehan, art director; Charlie Wolff, copywriter; Jeff Ferro, executive agency producer; Monica Wilkins agency producer; Gary Theut, director of client services; Henry Arlander, account director; Nick Chapman, director of strategy; Alina Shabashevich, brand strategist.

Rodrigo Pirim, photographer; Eduardo Gomes, 3D artist; Rafael Gil/Flavio Luiz, illustrators.