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Seattle International Film Festival trailer

TV/Radio Commercials, Entertainment

Ad agency WONGDOODY has been collaborating with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) for ten years now, developing the festival’s annual campaign. The 2014 Cinescape campaign is informed by the agency’s deep familiarity with—and affection for—the SIFF. This year’s campaign was a joint project with production company World Famous, and is based on the idea that the festival’s films are an escape from reality, a vacation from being yourself. The cornerstone of the campaign is the festival trailer, which envisions a laboratory where futuristic scientists transport subjects to alternate realities inspired by scenes from films that have played at SIFF over the years. Subjects have out-of-body experiences that allow them to live out scenes in movies ranging from La Vie en Rose to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Adam Deer, art director; Peter Trueblood, writer; Monkey Watson, creative director; Tony Fulgham, World Famous/Tracy Wong, executive creative directors; Anea Klix, managing director, creative; Ramon Vasquez, senior designer; Cody Cloud/Julia Galdo/Juco Photo, photographers; Ryan McMackin, World Famous, director of photography; Jessica Obrist, art buyer; Charlie Rakatansky, retoucher; Andy Seaver, World Famous, editor; Madrona Music, music; Clatter & Din, sound production; Tony Fulgham, World Famous/Christopher Harrell, World Famous, directors; Bobby McHugh, World Famous, line producer/producer; Molly Costin/Jessica Obrist, print producers; Kenta Hadley/Gail Savage, digital producers; Garth Knutson, project director; James Whittington, broadcast producer; Megan Ball, World Famous, executive producer; Barbara Wilson, project manager; World Famous, production company; WONGDOODY (Seattle, WA), ad agency; Seattle International Film Festival, client.