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Seaworth Coffee

Consumer, Identity

Seaworth Coffee Co. was born on a hot, sunny day in the parking lot of a popular southern California surf spot. Founders Bryan Marseilles and Darren Peralta simply couldn’t find a good, cold-brew coffee on the West Coast, so they decided to make their own. Seaworth is an organic coffee concentrate that pays tribute to the rich history and culture of the tight-knit California surf community. That means insisting on quality at any cost and never sacrificing ethics for profits. The environmentally conscious duo take pride in everything they create. From the recyclable glass bottles, screen printed by hand, to the custom-scripted logo, every aspect of the new company is meticulously crafted with a level of care reminiscent of days gone by.

Bryan Marseilles, art director/creative director; Seaworth Coffee (Newport Beach, CA), design firm/client.