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“Selfie” spot for Dove

Online Ads, Consumer

To mark the tenth anniversary of the Dove Real Beauty campaign, Dove partnered with the Sundance Institute and invited more than 60 female Sundance directors to pitch a short film that would examine how social media is expanding the definition of beauty. The winner was Recommended director Cynthia Wade, who recognized that the ubiquitous self-portraits of the social media age actively shape the modern concept of what is beautiful. For the film, Wade and producer Sharon Liese challenged young women and their mothers to take an honest “selfie,” without adding any filters or cropping physical features they might otherwise edit. The young women and their mothers participated in a photography workshop and exhibit, and examined their own feelings about beauty and confidence. The film shows their growing appreciation of each person’s unique beauty.

Gregory Cherin/Michael Crook, photographers; Dan Gold/Peter Mychalcewycz/Rick Sands, directors of photography; Jeremy Carr, editor; Adam Crystal, music composer; Barry Wood, sound engineer; Judy Karp/Dan Karp, sound production; Cynthia Wade, Recommended, director; Molly O’Brien, production supervisor; Sharon Liese, producer; Vanessa Bergonzoli, associate producer/post-production supervisor; Matthew Syrett, post-production producer; Recommended (New York, NY), production company; Dove, client.