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Sierra Nevada brand film

Online Ads, Consumer

Founded in 1980, Sierra Nevada is a pioneer of craft brewing and sets the standard for quality. With the opening of their east coast facility and thousands of competing mico-breweries, Sierra asked Digital Kitchen to bring clarity, relevance, and emotion to their voice. DK's challenge was to build authentic connections with extremely fickle craft drinkers while maintaining existing relationships with loyal customers. Based on Sierra Nevada's more intrepid voice, DK developed a brand story that lyrically illustrates their position, their values, their history, and their future. From this strategic compass, DK produced an ecosystem of expressions through an ambitious website redesign, in-store marketing programs, and an emotionally-resonant anthem film. DK shifted their voice from one you respect to one you revere, a brand that's not just a mountain. It's a mountain with weather.

Matt Mulder, executive creative director; Mark Bashore, chief creative officer; Raul Villalobos, graphic designer; Morgan Henry, director of photography; Camille Durand/Slavka Kuehn, editors; Mercury Rev, music; Clatter & Din, sound engineer; Koji Minami, acoustic design; Ryan Gagnier, colorist; Digital Kitchen (Seattle, WA), ad agency; Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., client.