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Sign Cafe inaugural issue

Publications, Consumer

Despite being devoted to showcasing progressive communications trends and talent, and owning the mantra “the ideas behind the ideas,” Sign Café had a clunky layout and incoherent design. Seattle-based ad agency Creature was hired to art direct a complete rebranding of the Bulgarian publication—in Cyrillic. Between the challenges of working with Cyrillic typography, which involved reprogramming keyboards and keeping several type foundries on speed dial, and getting to the essence of a publication existing within a totally foreign culture, the team emerged with a clean, crisp, modern look that allows the creative nature of the content to shine. Creature will maintain the editorial design of the magazine as it evolves. The inaugural issue hit newsstands on May 2009.

Steve Cullen, design/creative director; Matt Peterson, executive creative director; Steve Cullen/David Kaul/Ramon Vasquez/Velik Dayredzhiev, designers; Samantha Orr, producer; Tsenimir Chapanov, Sign Café, publisher; Tanya Lefterova, Sign Café, marketing manager; Spectar, printer; Sign Café, client.