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Sissy Boy print ads

Print Ads, Consumer

Dutch fashion and lifestyle brand Sissy-Boy is embarking on a huge shift in image, tone, products and policy that will diversify the brand’s mix of fashion, furniture, service, lifestyle and food products. Amsterdam-based communications agency KesselsKramer worked with photographers Anne Claire de Breij and Nine IJff and created hundreds of different options for Sissy-Boy communications in-store, online, outdoor, in print, on labels and in internal communication. A new theme, “Life designed with Sissy-Boy,” encourages a fresh understanding of the brand that is less about the particular clothes people wear or the things they own and more about the personal stories behind how people choose and combine these elements.

Krista Rozema, art director; Pim Gerrits, creative director; Anne Claire de Breij/Nine IJff, photographers; Pieter Leendertse/Amy van der Veer, producers; KesselsKramer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), ad agency; Claudia Pouw Dullaart/Torben van der Voorn/Victor van Nieuwenhuizen, Sissy-Boy, clients.