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The Smith Effect, University of Maryland

Print Ads, Education

It’s hard to imagine a business school coming out and advertising something other than professors, curriculum and academic rankings. But that’s exactly what UM's Smith School of Business did in print and on the web in this campaign. "We knew that to really connect with today’s potential students Smith had to stand out in a sea of sameness with a unique message," said Carton & Donofrio creative director Michael Neiderer. "Our message was that, beyond the quality professors and top rankings, Smith had the largest, most powerful network in the D.C. region. And this network held major influence on how these students could get ahead in the real world of business." It all came to life with intelligent and thought-provoking headlines and a visual treatment that was decidedly modern and sophisticated.

But even this serious "business" design project was not without some comedic asides—including a visit from police and federal agents during the photo shoot. Art director Jon Leon offers, "Just a little note for the future: Don't have a white van with camera gear parked in front of the Library of Congress where it's within view of the Capitol Building."

Michael Neiderer, creative director; Jon Leon, associate creative director/art director; Brad Londy/Michael Neiderer/Joe Pistone/Jon Leon/Chris Scharpf, copywriters; Chris Bodie, retoucher; Steve Belkowitz, photographer.

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